Virtual Pool 3 DL - VP3 (Latest Version 3311) rar

Added April 23 2009
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Size72.04 MB
71.96 MB VP3-Latest-3311.rar
Not a new game but far better than any other pool/snooker sim including the newly released and dissapointing WSC "real" 2009.

VP3 has great touch control with mouse movements controlling the cue action directly. And no childish aiming aids with online play!

Play online using GameSpy Arcade with this version! Note that all old CD version are not compatable with this version so don't waste your time downloading those! (if it's not 71.8mb then its not good)

File includes patch (vp3.exe) copy it to installation directory.

(usualy by defualt "C:\Program Files\Celeris\Virtual Pool 3 DL")

Check out JimmytheJelly vids on youtube for how smooth and fluent the game play is, and also he has some direct links for this game if you prefer to not use torrents right now.

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