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Added April 23 2009
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Release Name.......[ Zeno.Clash

Release Date.......[ 22/04/2009

Shop Release Date..[ 21/04/2009

Format.............[ Iso

Release............[ Game

Genre..............[ Fantasy

Protection.........[ SteamStub

Files N............[ 33x50MB


Zeno Clash is an action/fighting game set in a punk

fantasy world. The game is played from a first person

perspective and the combat is generally up close and


Experience a deep storyline set in a fantastic world.

Play the role of Ghat, a man banished by his own

brothers and forced to begin a desperate journey

past the forbidden desert and to the end of the world.

Nominated in 'Excellence in Visual Art' at the

Independent Games Festival, the original visuals, which

make full use of the Source engine features, breathe new

air in the fantasy game genre. The new close combat

mechanics are also a deviation from traditional action

in the first-person genre that will feel fresh for new

and veteran players.


-Burn or mount the image

-Install the game

-Overwite the executable


Many thanks to all our supporters -- you know who you are.
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