Penguins + Crack (REQUESTED) [blaze69]

Added August 22 2009
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Visit the most adorable animals in the zoo any time of the day or night. Join 'Ace' the penguin, on his escape through 80+ levels of penguin-puzzle fun. Ace and fellow penguin friends need your help to elude zoo keepers by using their 'cool' gadgets to continue through 8 different zoo zones. Visit the gift shop to buy your penguins new outfits or pick up a hot new soundtrack and thaw that frigid air. Track your progress with zoo maps and play on into any season of the Year.....

System Requirements:

    * Operating System: Windows XP or Vista

    * Processor: Pentium 3 - 800MHz or better

    * RAM: 256MB

    * DirectX Version: 8.1 or above

    * Keyboard and Mouse: Supported
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