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Publisher.....: 2K Sports                     Platform......: Sony PSP    
Developer.....: Visual Concepts               Origin........: USA        
Release Date..: October 04, 2011              Size/Format...:ISO (UMD)

-- Release Notes ---------------------------------------------------------->

With over 5 million copies sold worldwide and over 20 Sports Game of
Year awards, last year NBA 2K11 allowed you to BECOME THE GREATEST with
MJ & the Jordan Challenge mode. This year the NBA 2K franchise is back
and bigger than ever, providing fans with the opportunity they've
always dreamed of - to finally END THE DEBATE as to who are the best
teams and players of all time with the ALL-NEW NBA's Greatest mode.
Featuring 15 legendary players such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson,
Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Dr. J, NBA's Greatest let you
relive some of NBA's most celebrated careers and rivalries,
painstakingly recreated in historical detail. In addition, several
innovative gameplay features have been added putting fans center court
of an unprecedented basketball experience.
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