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1.74 KB [Mindscape & Electronic Arts - 1998 - BIN-CUE-ECM]
This sequel to Warhammer: Shadow Of The Horned Rat is an overhead role playing
game in which you play Morgan Bernhardt. The game consists of a series of battles
where you view the battle from overhead via a rotatable view. You go through the
game managing your army, deciding whether to fight in optional battles, and
advancing through a deep and engrossing storyline via a series of conversations
played out by talking portraits.-MobyGames

None, 1 Audio Track on Disc

1. Unrar, Unecm
2. Mount/Burn (With anything supporting Mixed Mode CDs "Nero?")
3. Install
4. Play & Enjoy!!
NOTE: Didn't notice anything weird while running on WinXP SP2.

Let the Legends Live in Classics!!
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