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Batman: Arkham Asylum is played as an over-the-shoulder, third-person perspective action-adventure game.[7][8] The player controls Batman as he makes his way around the island and structures of Arkham Asylum. In addition to running, jumping, and crouching, Batman is also able to glide from heights using his cape and use his grapple gun to ascend short heights or escape to gargoyle statues. To track Joker and other enemies, the player can switch in and out of "detective mode", which activates special visors in Batman's cowl.[9] In this mode, most of the game world is rendered in darker colors, but objects of interest and people are highlighted, including limited x-ray ability to detect the location of people. Special objects with which Batman can interact, either directly or using various gadgets gained over the course of the game, are also highlighted. In some sections of the game, the detective mode is augmented to detect compounds, fingerprints, and other clues, which are used to direct the player to the next location to explore.[10]

Gadgets include the batarang, an explosive gel compound sprayer and detonator, grappling gun, Batclaw, zip-line launcher and a code sequencer that can be used to overload security panels.[10] Some of these can be used both during normal exploration of the game world as well as in combat. The game world, though presented in a linear path, allows for exploration at any time, and recently-acquired gadgets can often be used to access areas that were previously inaccessible. Exploration of the world is encouraged by items and clues left by the Riddler for Batman to find; in addition to objects to be collected, some of the Riddler's riddles require the player to seek out a certain area related to the answer to a riddle and scan it with Batman's visor.[7] Solving these riddles unlocks additional content for the game, including challenge levels that test the player's skill at the game's combat system, as well as character bios, patient interviews, and detailed character trophies. Riddles, as well as defeating foes, also yield experience points, which can then be spent on several possible upgrades to Batman's arsenal, as well as his health and abilities, at any time.

The game uses a "Freeflow" combat system,[10] accomplished by using three primary buttons: attack, stun and counter[8] to emphasize the primarily physical system of combat that Batman employs. Additionally, Batman is able to use Batarangs and his Bat-Claw as supplemental combat tools that can extend combos. Countering opponents' attacks can also extend a combo; a brief indicator is shown when playing at Easy and Normal difficulties to indicate when an opponent is ready to attack. By chaining regular and counter-attacks in combos, the player can build up a special experience point multiplier, which increases further if timed well. When this surpasses a specific threshold, the player then has access to an additional special attack that can quickly take down a single foe. Batman can take damage from his foes, and can be knocked out or killed should his health bar fall too low; when combat is completed, Batman regains a portion of his health relative to the experience earned in combat. As the game progresses, Batman battles against opponents with knives and stun rods that require different tactics to deal with, as well as "Titans" that can be ridden on to attack other enemies. Certain enemies will also try to obtain weapons.

The player can also employ "Predator"-type tactics through stealth to tilt the odds to their favor. This includes silent takedowns by sneaking up on foes, dropping from overhead perches and snatching a foe into mid-air, or using the explosive gel to knock foes off their feet. Some areas feature sections that require the player to employ these tactics to avoid alerting Joker's henchmen and failing to meet an objective. Harder areas, such as the "Extreme" challenge maps, put explosives on gargoyles generally used to escape out of sight, requiring players to find other means of taking down opponents with stealth.
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