FEAR 3 (MULTI 09)(2011) + Update 1

Added December 11 2011
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Size4.06 GB
4.05 GB sr-fear3.iso
Game Info
At the Actors FEAR3 all the same familiar people - Alma over the
past months not only managed to get pregnant, but pumped up his
supernatural Silushka.It was even worse, more powerful and it
should be immediately killed.Job to fix it (or save - the only
relative of all the same!) Takes our faceless Point Man from the
original FEAR.Without the aid, however, will not do - the second
a colleague on the force will be ... Paxton Fetel, beloved
brother-in cannibal paranormal abilities

Nine months ago, Point Man and his F.E.A.R. squad were tapped
to stop a telepathically gifted cannibal who had begun a murderous
rampage. Point Man learned the target was his brother, Paxton
Fettel, working alongside their tortured and psychically powerful
mother, Alma Wade. Despite this revelation, Point Man followed
orders to destroy them and subsequently ravaged the surrounding
city and most of his F.E.A.R. team. Now, it is clear that Alma s
psychic influence survived€” and worse, she is about to birth
something that could destroy the world. Fettel has returned
from death with an unclear agenda, refusing to leave Point Man s
side and asking for help to reach Alma. The remaining F.E.A.R.
squad is still trying to complete their mission. With his chain
of command broken and Point Man calling his own shots, where
will his allegiance lie?

Game Features
The new incarnation of fear: Make your way into the heart of nightmares
Teamwork: fight together for a common goal ... or die alone
On the other side of reality: Use the eerie paranormal abilities
Scary network battles: Destroy the enemies and rivals at any cost

Minimum System Requirement
Operating system: Windows XP (SP2) / Vista / 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2,4 GHz or equivalent Athlon X2
Memory: 2 GB
Video: 512 MB VRAM compatible with DirectX 9.0 (GeForce 8800GT or Radeon HD3850)
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Free space on hard drive: 10 GB
My actual game install was 4.13 GB's
Locations no locations


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