Ultimate Mugen Pack: Tons of rare characters, stages, plenty of room for expansion!

Added August 18 2007
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*An updated version of my Mugen game pack*
-Lots more Megaman bosses
-More very fun DBZ characters
-A lot of Capcom vs SNK version of character
-Some evil versions of Street Fighter characters
-Character roster is a LOT better organized
-Updated some characters
-More stages
-New character layout
-Character menu and Vs sceeen have music

This pack holds about 600 characters, which I have yet to fill. I have characters that range from Homer Simpson to Peter Griffin, and Megaman X to tons of transformers. You can even play as Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth!

I have also downloaded a LOT of stages Ive gathered from here and there, adding custom music to those that didnt have music to begin with, including Peter Griffins house, Megaman stages, and some Dragonball Z stages.

This pack also includes the Super Mario Bros. level you may have seen on YouTube, the first Contra level, the first level from Super Mario Land (Game Boy), and the Duck Hunt characters where you can use any characters moves to kill the ducks. Ive put a LOT of research into everything Ive found, and kept the best.

Add anything to the pack that you want. Im providing this pack for those who want tons of fun playing with rare characters, and just to have a blast!

*This is guaranteed to work. I use the exact same settings.


If you need certain characters that may not be in the pack, email me at ssjwiggy@fuse.net. I might have found them.
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