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Added May 3 2013
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12.02 GB Call of Duty- Black
THe first upload... was fine, but I thought it was messed up, long story short, the old one doesn't work, and since I can't delete it myself, I'll have to wait for someone else to do it... So here's the REAL real one.


Here it is, people! The only working Call of Duty: Black Ops for Mac torrent!

This is the latest version 1.16, and it features A LOT of servers, each with its own game mode, including CTF and a Nuketown-only server!  Good stuff.

I bought this for $50, and while I don't expect donations, it would be nice to help offset the ridiculous price, don't donate any more than a dollar or two, but please take the time to help me out, I might go for the DLC that, naturally, costs extra (thanks, Aspyr..).

And please seed, especially over the first couple of days, when demand just might be through the roof! Thanks and enjoy!

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Bitcoin address: 1D31KNWAYv672oDPoXBCJAR9FAv6pX7kTZ
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