Added September 9 2013
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Seeds / Peers4 / 2 Refresh Leechers
Size227.07 MB
226.78 MB BeamNG_0.


bug fixes:
- fixed bug with keyboard steering (overlapping keys cancelled each other out)
- fixed/improved steering breaking/bending for bolide and grand marshal with low framerates
- improvements to steering input/smoothing
- slightly improved the error reporting tool: more useful for us now
- engine water kill - if you go underwater, the engine dies and the check engine light comes on
- added dynamic version information to the main menu
- added glass texture to some parts of GridMap
- added some terrain ground model tests to GridMap
fixes bug #29: : keyboard steering getting stuck


fixed version information on the main menu sign


completely removed rift support for now to fix controls
disabled Oculus rift support for now again due to rift detection issues:
reverted minim bullet time speed to 6% from 20% from the last update


- Bugfixes:
- skidmark missing/wrong texture bug fixed: they work now even after switching levels
- fixed options not saving correctly: much improved now: it saves on starting the game now, not on exiting
- fixed updater and main executable: now working with non-english characters in the path (was not starting, hanging or crashing before)
- fixed mouse movement bug in certain camera modes
- inverted Y axis for mouse
- improved Lua GUIs a bit: look and feel and height and positioning of the part chooser dialog
- fixed crash on exit
- improved updater: fixed some parsing bugs which caused too much updates
- improved camera reset: now more consistent behavior
- NVIDIA Optimus support improved: should automatically switch to the NVIDIA card instead of the embedded one
- fix for mud/sand instabilities: no more wheel eating sand
- fixed DropPlayerAtCamera: does not rotate the player anymore
- wheel speed is more precise now (closer to airspeed)
- raised 'instant' bullettime speed to 20 (5 was too slow)
- Fixed spaming of logs when barrier is spawned.
- Features:
- added launcher program: it will take care of fixing shortcuts, proper DirectX installation, windows uninstall entry and regular updates
- improved input maps: changed syntax and file naming conventions: the new ID is shorter and should cover more computers now as it only contains the company and product id
- improved lua input: changed smoothing to be predictable under all cases
- keybd users have a different smoothing than gamepads, steering wheels are direct
- advanced hydro functions available:
- rewrote and improved input system: vehicle specific input maps: input maps are no longer shared, but they are unique to the current vehicle. This allows much more flexibility in terms of custom input mappings and alike.
- added small deadzone to pedals on fanatec wheel
- improvements on the g25/g27 input maps
- temporarily moved dynamic input to file input_dynamic.lua (rename it to input.lua to get back the dynamic input behavior)
- improved display (monitor) and graphics card support:
- added support for UTF characters in the device string
- removed gfx nulldevice: only useful for dedicated servers but not for the clients
- added multi monitor support
- fixed window positioning in multi monitor scenarios: not enforcing any positioning now
- added monitor identification to device string
- fixed up canvas and options dialog for multi monitor support: custom set resolutions will remains in the options dialog and continue to work
- added new vsync refresh rates for those fancy new 3D screens: 59 and 120
- borderless window mode
- Content updates:
- vehicles:
- tire gyroscropic weight distribution improved fixing lots of problems - shaking, numbness, instability, and top speed
- some minor changes and tweaks on all vehicles
- stronger anti "axle popping up through the bed" beams on pickup
- updated all aspen trees (half the FPS hit as before, look better (still not final)) +some oak and beech, added "filler" (group) trees for making forests with better frame rates.
- fixed most of the wheel breaking collision mesh gaps
- changed rock collision meshes to not break wheels so easilly
- added groundmodel strips to GridMap
- fixed glass particles being broken
- removed duplicate particle entry
- new icons and watermark
- renamed executable from BeamNGSandbox to
- improved crash reporting usability by adding more sueful data to the reports
- AI still not functioning right now


temporary workaround to enable the AI
stronger steering on van and pickup
color changes, bolide suspension tweaks (should be more drivable now)


improved help image a bit (added wiki link)
changed credits button to "the team"
fixed crash on exit to menu or exiting the game

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