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Added December 19 2007
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Guilty Gear X2 is basically a combination of all of the best ideas from fighting games over the last 15 years. It borrows ideas from pretty much every other fighter out there, but it puts everything together in a tight package that is an absolute joy to play. You get the solid fighting foundation laid down by Street Fighter II and the King of Fighters series. You get the weapon based combat from Samurai Showdown. You get hugely powerful, screen-filling special moves like in Marvel vs. Capcom. And you get an insane level of depth that can only really be likened to the Virtua Fighter series of 3D fighters. On top of all that, GGX2 is also one of the fastest fighting games on the market.

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9 game modi


system requirements
Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000/XP
PentiumIII 700MHz
gamepad recommended

have fun


Audio: japanisch
Untertitel: englisch
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