Tortuga Two Treasures

Added March 5 2007
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Description Special note to "ViTALiTY": Stop releasing lame propers. You've attempted
before to proper our Tages cracks with invalid reasons, and, the times your
release even managed to appear anywhere respectable, been nuked accordingly.
The "reason" you've used is 'errors' in the remaining, disabled & absolutely
unused Tages code, which is not run at any time. So either you don't
understand the protection you are 'cracking', or you are deliberately lying.

And now for the actual game infos:

Thomas "Hawk" Blythe is the captain of the swift pirate frigate "Hawkwind".
Both he and his girlfriend, the voodoo priestess Sangua, captain ships under
the high command of the notorious pirate leader "Blackbeard". Together, Hawk
and Sangua embark on a search for the legendary treasure of Henry Morgan.
Morgan was an infamous pirate and Governor of Jamaica approximately fifty
years earlier. Many rumours surrounded Morgan and the immeasurable wealth he
had amassed during his years of piracy and governing. It is said that,
before he died, Morgan secreted away his treasures and ruthlessly eliminated
all those who had any knowledge of these riches. Whilst hunting for an
almost mythical treasure brings its own difficulties, Hawk's progress is
hindered by a merciless twist of fate.

Honour, betrayal and love, conspiracy and theft, violence and murder
Tortuga - Two Treasures tells of Hawk's struggle against a world growing
blacker by the day. Betrayal and death are but a small element of Hawk's
adventures. Forged treasure maps, voodoo magic, a deadly curse and the
seemingly ever-present threat of Blackbeard's wrath all appear focused on
stifling Hawk as he plunges into a battle for power, romance, treasure and

Battles at sea, close combat or scouting missions
Hawk may decide at any time which strategy would be the most advantageous in
any given situation. Tactical planning, carefully considered actions and a
realistic assessment of ones strengths are indispensable for successful
battles at sea.

Close combat may consist of an action packed fight against numerous sailors
- on the other hand, it could involve sneaking past guards and officers in
order to reach the captain for the final showdown. In order to sneak up on
someone successfully, Hawk must avoid the opponents' line of sight and then
he has to attack swiftly and silently from behind. If the guards detect him,
they will alert everyone and attack.

Hawk will be able to wield many different weapons such as throwing knives,
sabers, axes, pistols or even exploding grenades. Hawk will increase his
skills throughout the game. Gradually, Hawk will become a skilled fighter
and Blackbeard himself will have a worthy adversary!

1. Unrar.
2. Burn or mount.
3. Install.
4. Copy the cracked content from the Crack dir on the DVD to your
installation directory.
5. Play the game.
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