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Guide a team of up to four soldiers through 72 levels of combat in this innovative top-down action/strategy hybrid, best thought of as Lemmings crossed with Commando crossed with Dune 2. The characters are controlled indirectly using the mouse, as you activate each soldier or group of them by highlighting them, click the left button to move them to a particular spot, and the right button for them to fire guns at an enemy. You can also pick up grenades, which can be used to destroy groups of enemies or buildings (by pressing both buttons at once).

Each mission has a specific objective, and some feature vehicles such as tanks to make things easier. Your troops can cross water but can't shoot within it, so finding and controlling bridges is often crucial. You can use the arrangement of trees to find hiding places to shoot from, and should watch out for CPU soldiers also doing so.


# Easy Interface means non-stop carnage

# 360 fresh-faced recruits anxiously awaiting your direct orders to shoot to kill, throw grenades, drive tanks, fly choppers, divide and conquer or run around in circles and take each other out with friendly fire!

# 24 bullet spraying missions with 72 levels.

# All the great sound effects like jungle noises, booming explosions, distant copter roters and some poor solider's dying screams.

# Five types of enemies including M-16 carrying grunts, snipers, copter commandos, keep engineers and artillery hot shots.

# Guide your motley crew over hill n' dale, through jungles, freezing cold wastelands and Africa-hot deserts, annihilating the enemy and blowing up buildings on the way.

# Use shamless flattery and brute force to work your way up the ranks from private to four-star general.

# 8 minute cartoon introduction.

-----Review-----[Review by Apogee IV over at Mobygames]

This game is a classic...

The most striking thing about this game is it's originality and it's gameplay. The intro is very cool and fun too. In the amiga version the now famous song with the lyrics "War never been so much fun!" made by Jon Hare and Richard Joseph played. The song was however not included in the PC version...a disgrace!!! Instead the PC version has a secondary cartoonish intro which although very cute isn't as cool as the original.

Cannon Fodder is hard to have to experience it, but I'll try anyway. You are in command of a squadron of 1 up to 8 men. Your objective is to guide these men through a variety of missions where reaction time and tactic is crucial if you want to accomblish them. For example a typical objective would be: "Kill all enemies, Destroy all enemy structures". As you progress in game the objectives increase and get more complex. You often get to man various veicles such as tanks, scooters etc. The game is very extensive and there are tons of missions to complete. You often spend hours trying to complete a mission and loose countless of men doing so...let me tell you, Cannon Fodder isn't a game which can be completed over night. You sometimes have to think very creative in order to complete a mission, and in the last missions you are often faced with a countdown. Your missions extend in different envirorments such as, jungle, artic, urban, desert etc. The graphics are nice and clean, and you can clearly see it was originally developed for the amiga. The sound is average, but the sound when you kill a enemy gets very annoying after a while.

The fact that the theme song wasn't the original one...once again...a disgrace!!! Another thing I should mention is the annoying bugs that sometimes occur in the maps, or when you KNOW you hit a enemy, but he blows you to oblivion anyway. Small, but annoying glitches...

A challenging and original game which has become a true classic...

-----System Requirements-----

# MS DOS 5.0 or Windows 95/98

# 486 33mhz or faster

# 2x CD-ROM drive

# 4 MB RAM

# 256 color display or better

# Soundblaster compatible should card


Had lots of fun with this game, so hope at least a couple of people enjoy this =]

It's the CD version and I think the only difference is the 8 minute cartoon intro mentioned in the features section :P

Again, seeding with 128Kbps so please be patient but it's only ~40MB =]

Enjoy ^_^
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