Valkyrie Profile (PSX)

Added July 27 2008
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Valkyrie Profile is a complex, ambitious, and gorgeous title that offers much to like: beautiful aesthetics, an entertaining battle system, engaging characters, and a creatively balanced "dual" scenario.

From Square's Final Fantasy to Enix's Dragon Warrior, RPG scenarios nearly always feature personal stories told against the backdrop of an unimaginable conflict. Tri-Ace's traditional RPG Valkyrie Profile, published by Enix, is no exception. But Valkyrie Profile raises the stakes, taking place against the backdrop of perhaps the largest conflict of them all: Ragnarok, the final confrontation between the Aesir gods and the Vanir gods. And you, Valkyrie Lenneth, are on the front lines.

unlike the other version on here there is no uncompressing. simply download and play with an emulator or burn to a disk and play on your modded playstation. both disks provided in .iso form
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