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Added August 20 2008
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Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck - Description

"Play classic game World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck on PC."

BrothersoftEditor/ World of Illusion is a typical platform game; Mickey and Donald can run, jump, or attack by flourishing their capes. Enemies defeated in this way turn into doves, cards, or other harmless objects depending on the enemy. After defeating the boss of each level, a new magic spell is learned, allowing the pair to traverse the next level.

The levels change slightly depending on if you play the single player game with Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck or chose to play the two-player game. One method used to change the game was the use of tight crawlspaces. Mickey could crawl under them easily, while Donald would get stuck, and have to find another way. In the two-player game, Mickey could pull Donald through, but the act of doing so often caused damage to the area, and changed the next stage. In the two-player mode, the characters often have to rely on each other in order to advance in the game, and thus are able to jump on each other, and also stun each other with their magical carpet. Often after jumping on each other to reach a higher spot, they'd have to lend down a rope to the other.

The game was easier than Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and had a useful password feature for each level. This was one of the few Genesis games to feature voice samples. you can free download Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck - now.
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