Tom and Jerry - Fists of Fury

Added September 3 2008
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Bruce Lee and incredible skilled, athletic combat this is not.

However, Tom and Jerry Fists of Furry, a PC release from Warner Brothers Entertainment, New Kid Co., Vis Entertainment and Ubi Soft, is an animated combat game with a touch of World Wrestling Federation in its soul. You see, anything you can grab you can use as a weapon. Chairs, forks, umbrellas, garbage cans, milk bottles, and fruit are all acceptable weapons in this game.

The idea is to clobber your opponent, whittle their health bar down to nothing and take two of the three rounds in each bout to advance.

The look of the program is quick nice. It is basically a two-dimensional game, but it does sport the rich lush colors of the cartoons, and the animation is solid.

For those who may have been living in a land where cartoons are not seen, Tom and Jerry are a cartoon cat-and-mouse duo who have been feuding for decades. There are often others in their cartoons, other cats, dogs and mice that will pop up in this game. There are five other characters and a host of venues for combat, each with its own hazards and rewards. There is a tempting weapon on the other side of the stove, but the burners are on and occasionally fire flames into the air. Get hit by the flames and you will see a number of health points go up in smoke.

There are two main ways to play the game: single player and versus mode. Single player is a walk-through of different venues with a variety of opponents popping up as you advance. Versus mode is similar but you can unlock different characters as you progress.

The control elements are basic – you can pick up an object, throw it or use it to whack your opponent, punch (same key as throwing or using the weapon), jump, duck and move around the arena. That’s about it.

How you interact with the environment is also important, and a good command of the function keys is essential. That crate in the alley would make a great missile, but if you punch instead of pick up, you may end up with a flowerpot stuck on your head. It takes seconds for it to disappear, but during that time you are a sitting duck for your opponent’s attacks.

You can jump off objects to reach higher up in the environment and come up with some bonus weapons. There are health and power-up elements also scattered, appearing and disappearing throughout the game.

The game sound is comprised mostly of music, though there are squeaks of pain. Tom and Jerry didn’t talk much in their cartoons, a trait carried over to this game. A heavy static sound was also heard in the game, and it’s not clear whether that was intentional, as sort of a snowy-changing channels thing, or just an audio breakdown. Whatever it was, annoying is a good description of it.

This is a somewhat simple game that, while rated for Everyone, is essentially animated violence – albeit mild compared to an Itchy and Scratchy (from The Simpsons) cartoon. Fans of these particular cartoon characters may find this a pleasant outing, but it is doubtful others will enjoy this game much. While it sports solid graphics, it is merely an average combat arcade game.
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