Monster hunter portable 2nd JPN (eng patched + Quests)

Added June 18 2007
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778.16 MB mhp2nd(eng).iso
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This is the full game patched with the files from ZealOfSoul on the GameFAQS message boards.

This contains enough English to make it very easy for a lot of players.

message from Zeal

So far this game contains only necessary translations to play the game.

Texts I have translated:

System messages
items (descriptions still in Japanese)
Weapons (descriptions still in Japanese)
Armors (descriptions still in Japanese)
Monster Information (includes weak element information for convenience of game play)
Game messages
Download messages
Felyne Kitchen translated (Eat Gold Potato and Illusion Cheese for full health and stamina recovery!)

The quest translations are thanks to arapozor from the Gamefaqs boards so big thanks to him as that was the one thing that i personally really wanted translated.
Locations no locations