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Added December 20 2008
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Copied from my Request! (And Re-Done after compressing Isos!  Sorry everybody!!!)   :-D



Can't get enough Gothic? This amazing package with three titles from the saga is sure to satisfy. Begin as a prisoner of the King and find magic ore for forging weapons against the Orcs. Enter the treacherous mines and start exploring Myrtana's mysteries. Once you've managed to escape, your travels take you to the island of Khorinis where you must banish evil once and for all. Venture deep into subterranean temples to defend the people against the Orcish threat. The situation only becomes more dire as the Orcs then conquer Myrtana and enslave the humans. Will you save them by joining the Barbarians or side with the Orcish occupation forces?

No matter what you decide, the destiny of Myrtana is in your hands. Gothic Universe includes more than 300 hours of intense gameplay. This realistic and fascinating world pulls you in to each dramatic scene. Will this fateful journey result in joyful liberation or horrible annihilation? Your actions determine the outcome. Interact with the incredibly detailed environment that seems to live and breathe on its own. Battle the enemy using a huge assortment of weapons, items, spells and artifacts. Only the smartest will survive, so choose wisely and face victory or despair.


* Includes Gothic, Gothic II and Gothic 3

* Story changes depending on your actions and creates virtually endless choices of interaction

* More than 300 hours of exciting gameplay immerse you in the excitement

* Decide Myrtana's fate by joining the Barbarians on behalf of the humans or siding with the evil Orcish forces

* Use hundreds of incredible weapons, items, spells and artifacts

I made the request, and eventually bought it when it showed up in a store near me.  Copied, Installed, and Tested personally.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Gothic 1 and 2 are pre-patched, and check the Gothic 3 Directory for patches to remove copy protection, and patch a BUNCH of bugs.

Thanks!  Please leave comments with any suggestions to make future torrents better, or any issues I may be able to help with! :-)

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Posted by: zwajka2


re G3: you mean the disc was bad that you couldn't even install the game from physical disc and play it on your system OR you mean that it installs/plays fine for you BUT you wasn't able to make working disc image bc of prot.?

That's 2 different things - please clarify. (And what apps/target image format you were using to (try) making G3 image?). Maybe we'll be able to help.

To clarify some questions:

Gothic 3 on the original disks would not install.  There was a huge issue on release of the third disk being a bad burn from factory.  It was impossible to install from the official disk 3.  After 3 unsuccessful exchanges, I just grabbed a good scene release, and renamed it.  I tested the images I made personally, as well as installed and tested the scene release all on my personal machine before uploading.

Also, thanks to amshagar for the resized front cover picture!
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