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Added February 2 2009
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1. Updated Codelist as of 02-01-2009.

2. Some Updated codes are not imported into the codelist file.

3. Does not contain 2008 sports and 8 other games.

Action Replay MAX EVO Edition - Swap Magic

Date .......... : 02/01/2009          Platform  ..... : PS2

Game Type ..... : Cheat Device        Origin ........ : USA-NTSC

Release Type .. : DVD or CD           Image Format .. : ISO

Notes: Well after all the blood,sweat and years it's finally here. Action Replay MAX EVO, built to

       work with Swap Magic! Up until now no cheat devices were able to use codes through Swap Magic. The

       previous release of Action Replay MAX would lock up at the menu screen and the freeze. Now thank's

       to me and 2 other people, I bring you a loadable version of AR! This is guaranteed to boot all your

       PS2 NTSC DVD back ups WITH codes and work 100% with Swap Magic. Also note that this is not the regular

       AR MAX, but AR MAX EVO, which has so many fucking amazing things on it. Here's the link from the

       official site which has explains everything this bad boy can do, just copy and paste it into your


h t t p://$&r=0&l=1&ProdID=294

Forum Directions:

Directions: The way AR MAX EVO is able to boot your DVD back ups is by combining ôCD Loaderö with the

            AR. This is mainly intended for Swap Magic users, people with mod-chips can just download

            AR MAX EVO and burn it, however if you donÆt know where to get it, then just follow this tutorial

            up to step 3.

1. Burn the ISO to either CD or DVD, either one will work, however I am 100% sure it will work with


2. After you loaded the game you will see a black screen with white writing. Move down and highlight the part

   that says "RESET IOP." Using your D-pad set it to "ALWAYS" so in the end it will say "RESET IOP:ALWAYS"

   This MUST be done. Now press "X" and you will see this screen.

3. From this screen press "X" again and you will be taken to a screen that contains 8 Menu items, the first

   one says AR MAX EVO and it will be flashing, press X and now Action Replay MAX EVO will load. It may seem

   like nothing is happening, but just wait it takes about 20 seconds to boot up. If you have a Network Adaptor

   it will ask you if want to check for updates. Just select "NO" for now. Now you have your AR MAX EVO fully

   booted up and you can mess around with it alittle to get the hang of it :)

4. The background screen will tell you to change the disk, BUT DON'T! Select "Expert Mode" to see all the codes.

   Choose a game and the codes you want to use or add a game if you like. When your done you will see a screen

   that says "Make sure your game disk is inside" but whatever you do, DO NOT EJECT THE DISK, this will prevent

   the codes from working on your back up. Just follow the procedure and start up the game.

5. Now you will be taken back to the screen that first came up when you started the disk. However, there is no

   need to change the IOP here, unless it's for a certain fix from, just press "X" again. Now

   your back to this screen again.   There are different steps you  

   have to take depending on whether your game is CD or DVD so look below.

   CD: EJECT the disk from your PS2 and insert the official Swap Magic CD or an official retail CD game. Wait

       for the screen to change back to this one.  Now just SWAP

       the game with your CD back up using either the slide card or Flip Top Lid, press X to load and your DONE!

       The codes should now work.

   DVD:EJECT the disk from your PS2 and insert the official Swap Magic DVD. Wait for the screen to change back

       to this one.   Now press "X" and you should see THIS screen   Now just SWAP the SM disk with your DVD back up using

       either the Slide Card or Flip Top Lid and press "X" to load it and your DONE! Your back up DVD should now

       work with the codes you selected in Action Replay.

PLEASE READ: I am 100% sure that codes on DVD back ups will work, I have not tried any CD back ups, but I'm pretty

             sure it does. Also when you using the Memory Max Manager, DO NOT USE IT TO DELETE OR MOVE SAVE FILES,

             as this will delete EVERYTHING on your memory card. This is not an error on me, but actually DATEL's

             screw up. You can still use Memory Max to crush files, which saves a ton of space. If you want to

             move or delete files on your mem cards just use the PS2 browser.



User "rnotley" of the forums from coming up with the amazing method to boot the codes!

PS2OWNZ.COM for providing a community where people can come together and share ideas.

Me "Nintendocore", "SkaMan" on PS2OWNZ forums, for building,converting,and testing the image with various programs

(it wasn't easy!). Also writing the .NFO :)  (Yes I did thank my self!)

"Bastid" of for SPENDING THE MONEY for Action Replay MAX EVO Edition and supplying it for

all of us! Without him this ISO would not be possible!



I encourage you to post this on many other torrent sites, and even other P2P programs like eDonkey and newsgroups so

more people can enjoy using Action Replay MAX EVO with Swap Magic and mod-chips :) If you do decide to post this on

other sites/programs, please leave this NFO untouched, as everyone who contributed to this deserves full credit :)

If you have any questions email me at    Have fun cheating!

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