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        ÚÄÄÄÄ  In Their 13th Year Of Glory, FairLight Released  ÄÄÄÄ¿


ÚÙ        Pandora's Box Puzzle Game of the Year Edition (c) Microsoft       ÚÙ


:   Supplied by: FAIRLIGHT            : : Release Date: 31 October 2000      :

³   Cracked by:  FAIRLIGHT            ³ ³ Game Type:    Puzzle               ³

³   Packaged by: FAIRLIGHT            ³ ³ Image Format: BIN/CUE              ³


³   CDS: 1                            ³ ³ Protection: SAFEDISC LT            ³

³   CD1 archives: 35 x 15 MB          ³ ³ CD1:  FLT-MSBG.001 -> .035         ³


³ System Requirements: Windows 9X/NT, A computer, a brain, and stuff         ³


Game information :


Pandora's Box now includes over 400 puzzles from the creator of Tetris,

Alexey Pajitnov!

Pieces fly away. And seven mythical Tricksters escape to wreak havoc on the

world. Welcome to Microsoft Pandora's Box, a puzzle-solving game that will

take you literally to the ends of the earth. This visually stunning journey

includes hundreds of the most beautiful puzzles ever created. It's up to

you to solve them, capture the Tricksters, and save the world from chaos.

In Pandora's box you will find...

Visual puzzles unlike any you've seen before. The puzzles are not typical

word and logic puzzles, but instead take advantage of computer technology

and challenge your visual skills: recognition, observation, image composition,

and spatial relationships. Some are twists on a familiar challenge and

others are completely unique. They all provide a more relaxing, subconscious,

and enjoyable challenge that can be more fun than cerebral word or logic


Puzzle Game of the Year Edition includes 40 new puzzles not found in the


Be sure to copy the crack over from the /crack dir on the CD after install.

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