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                     RIM Battle Planets (c) Trinode                    

:   Supplied by: FAIRLIGHT            : : Release Date: Mar 12               :

  Cracked by:                       Game Type: Strategy                

  Packaged by: FAIRLIGHT             Image Format: BIN/CUE              


  CDS: 1                             Protection:                        

  CD1 archives: 29 x 15 MB           CD1: FLT-RIM.RAR                  


System Requirements: P II 300, WinAll, 3d vid card, 64 megs ram            

Game information :


For the first time, the research ship RSS SOLARIUS has successfully

travelled through the Great Nebula of a distant galaxy on its way to

the OUTER RIM. The humanoid REYS - designers and builders of the vast

SOLARIUS carrier ship - thus tackled their first major project since

the Galactic War. The SOLARIUS is approaching the first unknown

worlds of the OUTER RIM with its scientific instruments, research

units, eagerly inquisitive officers and highly motivated team. The

reason for the War, its end, and the mission of the carrier ship can

be described in a single word - Might! Might based on a technology

that has endured since the depths of prehistory. Wars had been fought

over the coveted technology and unparalleled knowledge left behind

by the Ancient People. They also left a trail behind - a trail leading

to the OUTER RIM, which Crimson, an agent of the REYs ILB secret

service, suspects is the source of the technology.

You will experience the mission of the RSS SOLARIUS from the viewpoint

of Max Adamski, officer of the ALPHA landing troop. Adamski is a

veteran of the war against the antlike, bionic SLAKZ, and is on board

because of an regrettable error. As Adamski, you will take control and

assume the responsibility for the units, equipment and personnel of

the landing troops. Your actions will be decisive for the success or

failure of the mission. Adamski is thinking back - the difficulties

began as the planet "Paradise" came within range of the scanners...

Features :


* The game is set in scene highly detailed by the "state of the art"

   3D-engine. Light, animation, shadows, fog, changing weather and

   many other special effects ensure remarkable moods.

* An unique game system combines proven elements with innovative

   gameplay and guarantees strategic decisions, as well as thrilling

   real-time entertainment.

* An easy to use interface and 8 tutorials guarantee easy entry

   into gameplay.

* The special developed "Video Entertainment Engine" takes the

   player right into the action. Detailed 3D graphics shows every

   detail of the combat. The scene can be saved, replayed and

   shared with others, even the enemy.

* Over 70 different units represents the high level of game value.

   Every unit gets you in touch with new strategies and

   possibilities: radar-vehicles, tanks with gun shields, fast and

   aggressive drones, artillery, aircrafts, transports, shelter

   grounds and much much more.

* Multiplayer for up to 8 players, many eligible game modes,

   6 different races with their own skills, units and strategies,

   fast setup, cooperative game, optional goals.

* A highly competitive computer-enemy with complex strategies

   and an AI library build up in many years of knowledge and

   testing, gives you more than a simple playmate, RIM is a

   real challenge.

* Over 30 missions in completely different landscapes: dry

   deserts, stormy iceplanets, abandoned meteors, weapon infested

   fortresses and many other interesting leveldesigns.

* The intriguing storyline, which guides the player through the

   whole game, provides unexpected turns and interesting twists,

   supported by video sequences and voice output. Many different

   quests and missions provides all new challenges and actions.

More on http://www.trinode.com/internat/games/rim/index.htm

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